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#1 Digital Gift Cards Shop

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#1 Digital Gift Cards Shop
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1После отправки подарочной карты, получателю придет уведомление в виде поста на его стене в Facebook или ВКонтакте, на email или SMS.

Магазин электронных подарочных карт №1
Нажмите и посмотрите примеры сообщений о доставке подарка!

2 The gift card will be available to the recipient through the link in the notification, as well as added to the "My wallet" section of the recipient - which can always be accessed on GIFTD website, through GIFTD app on social media, or GIFTD mobile app.

Магазин электронных подарочных карт №1 Мой кошелек
Номер подарка:

3Получатель может использовать подарочную карту в онлайн-магазине или в традиционном (физическом) магазине, распечатав ее, или показав код на экране своего мобильного телефона.

Магазин электронных подарочных карт №1 Internet shop Магазин

4 Вы всегда сможете отправить карту повторно — потерять подарок практически невозможно.

5Если получатель не открыл подарочную карту в течении 2-х недель, мы направим вам уведомление об этом. Вы всегда можете отправить ваш подарок повторно.

Магазин электронных подарочных карт №1
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  • Main questions
  • Gift cards usage
  • What can I do here?

    Choosing, buying and delivering gift in a big city is not always a pleasure thing. We will reming you of important friends' dates and will help you to make a gift with minimal time and money effort. Our gift cards are delivered instantly or at desired date. Remember that the receiver will have lots of choices while using the gift card

  • What your service can offer?

    The gift is often a reason to meet the receiver personally — luckily, this should be done without us ;–)

  • How to start using?

    You can simply select a card that you like in the "Gift Card" section. Of course, you must have an account Facebook or VK.

  • How to send the gift?
    1. Select a gift card.
    2. Select a recipient out of your list of friends Facebook or VK, or yourself. It is very intuitive — impossible to fail.
    3. Write a couple of cheering words to your gift, select the delivery date, click the «Send» button- and you're done!
    4. If you selected a paid gift card, you will have to enter your payment details on the special security page.
  • Are you taking payments for these services?

    No — all the services for purchasing the cards are absolutely free! You see all the conditions and the price of the gift card. No hidden fees.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    To pay for the gift card, please use any bank card, including virtual, such as Qiwi Visa or Instabank MasterCard.

  • How safe is it for me to make the payments here?

    Absolutely safe! We make payments in accordance with the rules of international payment systems, which gives 100% guarantee of payment return or delivery of the goods (services). Generally, it is more reliable than using an ATM. We accept the highest safety measures for all transactions. Our protocols are built on the same encryption technology as used by banks and financial institutions. Credit cards and other transactions are processed with с 256-bit encryption по HTTPS/SSL.

  • Can I disclose the details of my gift card to another person?

    Your card belongs to you personally, and you should not pass it to other persons, including store managers, if you are not making a purchase. This condition can change for other cards.

  • When does the recipient receives the gift?

    The recipient will receive the gift instantly, if the time of delivery is "Now", or at a time and date that you have indicated as the time and date of gift delivery.

  • Do I need a smartphone to send the gift cards?

    No, you can send gift cards via an application. Get access to it from a computer, smartphone or use any other appropriate device  — it’s easy!

  • Can I cancel a paid gift card and get my money back?

    If you have sent a gift card to your friend and he used it, unfortunately, the refund is impossible.

    For any type of gift card, you can not exchange the card amount for cash, with the exception of the following cases:

    1. Full balance of the gift card,

    2. Request for return is conducted within 14 days from the date of purchase of the card,

    3. The buyer must send a refund request to the address of with the same email address, that is associated with the buyer’s profile

    4.1. The gift card has not yet been delivered to the recipient,


    4.2, The gift card recipient did not receive an adequate level of quality of the goods or services, for example, due to inaccessible locations for gift card redemption, undelivered gift card, etc.

  • Where can I use the gift card?

    Some cards can be redeemed in brick-and-mortar stores, other in online stores, others are universal and are suitable for both cases. Watch the details in gift cards' Terms and Conditions.

  • What do I need to redeem the gift card in physical store?

    Нужно иметь при себе в магазине:

    • either the secret code that you can send yourself in SMS or email for free directly from the application after clicking on the "Redeem" button at the appropriate card in "My Wallet" section, or take a picture of the code on the phone's camera,
    • or QR code — in the app on the phone, picture in the phone, printout.

    You must either tell a digital code to the cashier, or provide the QR code to scan and your gift card’s amount will be deducted from your purchase.

  • How do I redeem my gift card in a physical store?

    If your gift card can be used in brick-and-mortar stores, you need to originally find the product or service, which you would like to purchase, and before the payment:

    Go to "My Wallet" section and click on the «Redeem» button of your card. Digital code and barcode of the gift card will appear on the screen.

    Present your phone to the cashier, who can scan the barcode, or see a unique gift card number. You can also show a printout of QR-Code, or tell the code from "My Wallet" section, or SMS.

  • What do I need to redeem the gift card in online store?

    You need only the secret code here. Enter it in the appropriate place on the website or in the comments to the order and the price will be adjusted by amount of the gift card.

  • How do I redeem my gift card online?

    Purchasing at online store, open «My Wallet» section in another browser tab.

    When you are ready to redeem your gift card at the website

    • Choose «My Wallet»;
    • Select a gift card;
    • Copy a secret code of the gift.

    Follow the instructions on the left side of the page where you redeem the gift card to insert the card’s code in the right place.

  • Do I need a smartphone to redeem the gift card?

    Optional — gift cards, which must be used in the physical store may be presented on the smartphone screen, printed, or you simply tell the secret code from the SMS to the cashier. In online store only the secret code is needed.

  • When can I redeem my gift card?

    Immediately after the gift card goes into "My Wallet" section, if not stated otherwise at the card usage page.

  • What is the validity period of my gift cards?

    This depends on the card. Validity time is always displayed on or near the gift card. As a rule, free cards are valid from 30 to 90 days; paid gift cards are valid for a longer time.

  • Can I use several gift cards at the same time?

    If the card is free, you can use 1 card only, if the card’s rules do not imply otherwise. If the card is paid, there are no such limitations.

  • What will happen, if my gift card has expired?

    The expired gift card becomes invalid. It is automatically removed from your wallet. But do not worry, we'll remind you that you have used your gift card before it expires.

  • My gift has become unavailable for use before I could redeem it. Why does this happen?

    The gift may stop being active for one of the four reasons:

    • It was redeemed for purchase of products or services.
    • The gift card has expired and can not be redeemed.
    • The friend, who sent this gift card to you, has cancelled the purchase for some reason.
    • Sorry, our system considers that you are violating our terms of service in some way.

    If the above mentioned does not relate to you, please read our terms of use for more detailed information, and send your request to our support at .

  • I do not have a smartphone. My friend sent me a gift card, which must be presented physically to the seller's premises. How can I redeem it?
    The expired gift card becomes invalid. It is automatically removed from your wallet. But do not worry, we'll remind you that you have used your gift card before it expires.